history and philosophy
Ferdinand Hoffstaetter established the company in 1818 in Bonn, Sachsen Weimar, in the newly formed state of Prussia. As Hofjuwelier, the highest title a jeweler could attain at the time, Hoffstaetter established a close and strong relationship with the Prussian royal family. He opened his first shop along the exclusive Sternstrasse in the heart of Bonn, where he displayed his masterpieces bearing the insignia of some of the highest Prussian institutions.
His business thrived but also endured several difficult time periods as the legacy of his artisanship and reputation were passed on through the generations.

During the two World Wars, Hoffstaetter was the official supplier of medals to the German Reich.
After World War I, Hoffstaetter began delivering medals and commemorative coins to customers worldwide, gaining an outstanding international reputation.
Ownership of the business changed hands in the late 1980s. Today, Bashar Madwar is the sole owner and its managing director.
Since his takeover, the company has continued delivering medals, commemorative coins and pins in Germany and has expanded its services to fulfill the growing market needs of the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf region.

Fusion products cater to the needs of corporate and government institutions to outfit events with high quality ceremonial gifts. Fusion’s philosophy anchors the quality of its services in its dedication to its clients. Every member of our team is expected to produce those items that satisfy both Fusions’ quality standards and the clients’ highest expectations.
Our designs are complemented with the use of a large variety of premium materials: polished brass, luxury leathers, elegantly finished wood, colored crystal, natural mother of pearl, etc…